British Steam - Memories in Colour - Volume Two

An Introduction from the Author:

For a little over 32 years the name Ron White has been synonymous with ColourRail, the company responsible for compiling what must surely be most comprehensive colour photographic record of Britain’s ‘railed’ transport system. Ron has now decided to retire and to mark that occasion he has chosen a selection of very special steam railway images.

Accordingly this second special edition of British Steam – Memories in Colour (Volume 2) celebrates the majesty of British built steam locomotives at work in the UK from the 1930s until the end of main line steam in 1968. Also included is a chapter dedicated to the long lamented Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway.

A comprehensive look back at the history of Named Trains contains pictures of headboards ranging from the commonly known to the rarely seen. In addition this publication focuses on steam traction in Ireland, the early days of narrow gauge preserved steam and also focuses on British locomotives working overseas.

Ron White produced his first catalogue of colour images in 1977 and ever since his company’s images have been used extensively by the transport heritage publication industry, in addition many of those fascinating images have become real collectors’ items. Editors, have all benefited from the wealth of knowledge and historic detail contained within the amazing Colour-Rail collection of over 240,000 images.

In those of’an age’ the collections Ron White meticulously compiled will refresh wonderful transportation memories, and in others who are younger hopefully they will encourage a love of our rich steam railway heritage. Each remarkable picture is a unique frozen moment in time and as such represents a perfect intersection of time and place.

The world famous Colour-Rail collection is not only by far and away the most comprehensive colour photographic record of Britain’s railways but contains extensive sections of exported British locomotives, Irish railways, trolley buses and tram cars. The exceptional collection contains a great many images from the early days when colour film first became generally available, c1934. Ron White is on record for amusingly describing the speed of that early ASA2 film as being ‘only slightly faster than painting with oils!’