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MORE and more people are starting to appreciate the benefits of growing their own fresh fruit and veg and are seeking out their own patch to do just that. Home-grown produce is not just fresher than anything you’ll find in the shops, in growing it you’ll have got some free exercise and in harvesting it will have saved the road and air miles that our supermarket produce has to travel to get to our plates. Not only that but you can also choose whether or not to use chemicals to grow your crops – they can be grown totally organically if you wish –  and you’ll save money into the bargain.

Of course the traditional place to grow fruit and veg is on an allotment and the long waiting lists in many areas of the UK show just how popular this hobby has become – not since the Dig For Victory campaign of the Second World War have so many people been buying seeds and plants and getting back in touch with the soil. However, you certainly don’t need an allotment to produce your own crops – a back garden veg patch is a convenient solution for many; but even if you don’t have the space for a dedicated growing area, just a few tubs and containers will allow you to grow a surprising amount of produce.

This book takes you through the simple steps required to get started and aims to give you all the information and the confidence you need to sow and grow fresh food for friends and family. There are no complicated techniques to learn – just a few simple common-sense ones – and you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment to get started. In fact most of you reading this will have a few basic gardening tools in the shed already and that’s really all you need to get growing

Happy growing!