New Motorcyclist's Handbook

Introduction from the Author:

You can always spot motorcyclists. They are the ones who arrive looking wide-eyed, refreshed and bubbling with enthusiasm. Motorcycles are amazing things. One simple machine that makes every journey memorable.

I’ve been riding almost every day for nearly 30 years and I still wake up excited at the prospect of getting on my bike just to go to work, because motorcycles turn the most mundane journey into one big giggle. Senses working overtime, happy-glands squirting all manner of crazy hormones and a feeling that it really is good to be alive. Whether it’s riding through town or crossing Route 66 on a Harley, you’ll still get off babbling like an infant about that last great overtake or series of corners.

Going to work on a bike is like commuting by rollercoaster. Always fun, usually exciting too – never mind the fact that it saves time and money. I did the sums the other day. In all that time on two wheels I reckon I’ve saved about a tenner a week on fuel and five hours a week on travel by using a bike. Over 30 years that adds up to almost £15,000 less fuel and an extra year on my life-one more year to spend doing the things I’d rather be doing (like more motorcycling). One more year of not having to sit in a queue listening to mind-numbing radio DJs. How much would you give right now for an extra 12 months of excitement and fun?

Nothing else I know can be so practical, so efficient and so utterly sensible from Monday to Friday and then become so pleasurable at the weekend too. Riding a bike makes most other hobbies look crazy. Why drive for hours with a mountain bike or jet-ski strapped to your car? With a motorbike the fun begins the moment you close the garage door. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s given up motorcycling because they didn’t like it.

So, be prepared. Reading this book and acting on the information within will change your life forever. Your only regret about taking up motorcycling will be not doing it sooner.

Author: Steve Rose