You will never have read a railway book like this before. Indeed, it is far more than another book about trains – it is an account of a national achievement of heroic proportions; a dazzling achievement and one of which every last person in 21st-century Britain can be truly proud. It is the story of how a small group of people who wanted to recreate one of the lost glories of the steam era came together in 1990 with no more than a shared dream – and 19 years later, turned it into reality.

This is the definitive account of how an impossible dream was made possible. One which evokes the very best of the British bulldog spirit – a classic tale of how the little man can succeed against overwhelming odds. A story which, in these times of failed bankers and politicians living luxury lifestyles through dubious expense claims, emerges like a shining beacon and a unique source of national pride to show the whole world what this country is still really all about. A tale that truly places the ‘Great’ back in Britain.

Thanks, that is, to the suporters of The Al Steam Locomotive Trust, who have emerged in these despairing times as true national heroes, head and shoulders above the rest.

Compiled by: Robin Jones

Tornado: A Great British First