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Taking you on a journey back in time through subjects such as aviation, transport and war, AllMyReads is the best place to discover a wide range of in-depth topics that have shaped the world to what it is today. Whether it’s diesel, electric or steam, locomotive enthusiasts can follow a route through some of the most iconic and less-explored railways and locomotives from over the decades. All of the individual subjects are grouped together, so readers can change their track at any point and steam into a new direction.

For a more general browse, our biographies tell the stories of some of the most influential people from across the globe, while you can also delve into the world of gardening, food, Shakespeare and even dinosaurs, just to name a few.

Take yourself through a journey of history to discover some of the most important events from the 20th century and beyond. Sit back and relax, as you lose yourself in a world of history and fascinating facts from a bygone era with over 100 books and topics to discover, illustrated through in-depth analysis and rarely seen photographs and illustrations.

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