Our railway books tell you everything you ever need to know about your favourite trains and railways. We’ve put together five of our favourites, from pushing the boundaries of railway technology to exploring the National Collection.



Great British Steam

The definitive story of the world’s finest collection of steam railway locomotives including the Flying Scotsman, Mallard and Stephenson’s Rocket, Robin Jones explores the legends of the track in exquisite detail.

This book also looks at the lesser-known workhorses with their own stories to tell, which equally deserve their places etched into the history books.

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Britain’s New Trains

From Crossrail to Scotrail, Britain’s New Trains offers everything you need to know about new UK train fleets. With almost 7000 new vehicles now being delivered or on order, worth billions of pounds, Britain’s train fleet will change beyond recognition over the next three years.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything that’s happening and who has ordered what, but this guide will introduce Britain’s new train fleets, with full descriptions, technical specifications and the routes they’ll work. Go behind-the-scenes with expert photography from production lines across Europe and The Railway Magazine archive, too! Ideal for any rail enthusiast!

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Train Formations Handbook

Train Formations Handbook

Attention modelling enthusiasts, there’s something for you too! This handbook brought to you by Rail Express magazine brings together a meticulously detailed collection of pieces on the formations of trains in the diesel and electric era – and how they can be created in model form.

Even if you’re not a modeller, there’s a great deal of fascinating information partnered with dozens of superb photographs celebrating the past four decades of rail.

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Pushing the boundaries of railway technology, X-trains welcomes you to the weird and wonderful world of experimental trains.

Take a look at some interesting machines, some initially being top-secret projects, hidden from sight to prevent rival nations or competitors from stealing the advantage, while others were famously high-profile, both in success and failure.

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Britain's Weirdest Railways

Britain’s Weirdest Railways

Another superb book by Robin Jones, this time he’s been scouring the British Isles in search of the country’s weirdest railways.

Conspiracy theorists have long talked of a secret railway network underneath Wiltshire to serve a bunker city in the event of a nuclear war. Find out if that’s true in the fascinating book full of stories of the country’s weirdest railways.

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